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A never-flown A/W-95 single-seat helicopter. This helicopter, built approx. 2012, is complete and only requires a small amount of work to be fully assembled. In-flight photo shows the original A/W-95, other photos are of the for-sale A/W-95. The helicopter was built with care and skill. The engine is a 50hp Rotax 503. Can meet either the Ultralight or Experimental Aircraft requirements. Aluminum rotorblades. Main instrument panel (expandable) includes a dual rotor + engine tach; a fuel-level gauge; a compass; and an ignition switch. Completion of the helicopter involves installing the drive chain and idler pulley (both items are included). Painted olive green. Purchase includes a custom, road-ready trailer with toolbox and blade supports. It is ready for the final steps of completion and testing. Located in California (near San Bernardino).SPECIFICATIONS:Length: 16 ft; height: 6½ ft; width: 5¾ ft.; empty weight: 250 lbs; max. payload: 250 lbs; gross weight: 500 lbs; Engine/horsepower: Rotax 503/50; speed: 75 mph; cruise speed: 60 mph; rate of climb: 900 fpm; flight duration: 1¼ hours; max. altitude: about 9,500 ft. 
Vortech, Inc.
Fallston, MD
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