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DESCRIPTION:One of the best Mosquito helicopters ever built. In excellent flying condition. The helicopter was completed and test flown at the factory in Trenton, Florida in 2011. About 89 hrs.TT. Will qualify as an ultralight and can be flown without a license or registration; however. a licensed pilot can register the helicopter as an experimental.    Features: Powered by a 60hp MZ202 engine with cog belt primary and secondary drives. Aluminum main and tail rotorblades; all-digital instrumentation (lithium battery powered); ICOM A6 radio (cockpit mounted); factory blade balance, wiring and glass side-lighting markers; vertical stabilizer; ground-handling wheels; padded seat with seat belt; all maintenance logs and build records with detailed, digital photos; all manuals and prints. Color scheme: jet black. Never damaged; no hard landings; always stored indoors (private hangar) in an A/C controlled environment.   Helicopter is located in area of Charlottesville, Virginia  (U.S.). Can be shipped anywhere in the world. A nimble, outstanding performer, this helicopter is ready to go!  SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 20 ft; height: 7 ft; width: 6 ft.; empty weight: 312 lbs; max. weight: 610 lbs; useful load: 240 lbs. main rotor diameter: 19.5 ft.; main rotor RPM: 540;  engine/horsepower: CRE MZ202/60; fuel capacity: 12 gal. (5 gal. limit when flown as an ultralight); fuel: 93 oct. gas w/AMS interceptor synthetic oil; fuel burn at cruise: 5 gph; max. speed: 80+ mph (ultralight limit is 63 mph); cruise: 60 mph; HIGE: 8,000 ft.;HOGE: 6,500 ft.; rate of climb: 1,000 fpm; flight duration (max): 1 hour; range: 60 miles View this helicopter in action on YouTube (copy below URLs and paste into your browser):1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YXI_ue3edU 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVYmV9eZmhw3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsxhKv_GNQo Flight characteristics: It handles like a Schweizer 300, but is quicker. Has plenty of power. Does hovering turns well in strong winds. It is the only helicopter of any make that routinely demonstrates autorotations to the ground, even unprepared turf. (Some Mosquito pilots demonstrate 15’ hovering autorotations, a feat you wouldn’t tackle on most other helos, certified or not.) A rated helicopter pilot can easily lift off and fly away on their first flight. A Student Pilot can train and log time in a Mosquito XE.


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