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I am a former NAVY F/A-18A fighter pilot and this is my story.  You can start a business! Capital for your business! Fund your project! A Reverse Bank Instrument gives businesses have the option to monetize a bank instrument for credit. This is a best kept secret among business insiders and will allow businesses to have cash equity which will enable business owners to reinvest back into their business. Businesses have the ability to use cash from the liquidated instrument to buy goods and trade them with minimal risk. Struggling businesses can use them as a way of raising money to invest in the operations. We work alongside other financial institutions who can issue and monetize bank instruments. This is Non-Recourse funding.  Bank instruments can be useful when starting up a business. You can either purchase or lease a Reverse Bank Instrument and have the bank instrument cashed in (monetized) to provide capital for your business.
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Carlsbad, CA
REFURBISHED GLIDER L-13 BLANIKUnpowered , Unpowered Glider
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Taurus1 Engine , Piston , Motor Gliders
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Motorglider1 Engine , Piston , Motor Gliders
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Pieksämäki, MI
Falke SF 25C1 Engine , Piston , Motor Gliders
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Tel Iai, SA