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RotorWay EXEC-162 kit—about 30% assembled. 1994-'95 model. All major parts and components needed to complete this kit appear to be included. Includes an RI162 engine, full cabin enclosure, full instrumentation. Factory-welded airframe (no other welding is required); engine, rotorhead and landing gear are mounted to frame; the tailboom is partially assembled. Main and tail rotorblades are factory built. Building prints and manuals are included. Manufacturer’s original price for this kit was over $60K USD. Photo of helicopter in flight shows what an Exec-162 will look like when fully assembled. Located in Texas. SPECIFICATIONS:Length: 22 ft; height: 8 ft; skid width: 65 in.; cabin width: 44 in; empty weight: 975 lbs; max. payload: about 525 lbs; main rotor diameter: 25 ft; engine: RI-162F; horsepower: 150; fuel capacity: 17 gal; max. speed: 115 mph; cruise speed: 95 mph; rate of climb: 1000 fpm; flight duration: 3+ hours; max. altitude: about 10,000+ ft.
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Vortech, Inc.
Fallston, MD
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RotorWay Exec-152 2-seat helicopter, 1989 model; S/N 3593. Helicopter is essentially new and about 96% complete. Includes a completely welded powder-coated airframe; an RW-152 engine; dual controls; an elastomeric rotor system; aluminum rotorblades (main and tail); a full cabin enclosure with doors (unassembled); instrumentation; lighting; all assembly manuals and prints. Most of the remaining work involves mounting the main rotorblades, top cowling, the doors and the vertical stabilizer; fine-tuning all systems; painting the aircraft; and a final balancing. Always stored indoors. Very good condition. Located in Michigan. Delivery possible in U.S. for a fee. Can be shipped anywhere in the world. SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 22½ ft; height: 8 ft; width: 65½ in.; empty weight: 890 lbs; max. payload: about 610 lbs; engine/horsepower: RW152/155; fuel capacity: 16 gal; max. speed: 115 mph; cruise speed: 85 mph; rate of climb: 1000 fpm; flight duration: 2+ hours; max. altitude: about 10,000 ft.
Vortech, Inc.
Fallston, MD
Call 1-855-248-4501