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How do I put a photo on the Internet?

It's not as hard as you think.

To load a photo onto our site, the first step is to prepare it using the photo editor that comes with your digital camera or scanner.

Edit out unneccessary background and size the image so that it is no more than 500 KB (kilobytes).

Then, under the File menu on the editor, click Save As. Name the image and, using the drop-down box just under the name, save the file as either a JPEG, JPG or GIF file. Also, saving the image onto your desktop makes it easier to find when using our photo upload feature.

Note: Our database will only accept files saved in the JPEG, JPG or GIF formats. Simply renaming an image and changing the extension on the file name does not convert the image to the proper format. You must use a Save As feature on your photo editor to properly convert the image.

If you don't have a scanner or digital camera, you can get standard snapshots scanned for you at most photo developing centers, copy centers and business supply shops. Have the company save the file as a JPEG, JPG or GIF.

Save the photo file to your computer's hard drive (remember where!) using only lower-case letters in the file name. The Place an Ad feature will walk you through loading the photo along with your ad.

Stuck? Call 1-877-354-4068 for assistance.

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