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Bombardier Aerospace Builds All-Composite Manufacturing Validation Unit

Bombardier Aerospace has announced it has reached another significant Learjet 85 aircraft program milestone, having successfully built the first all-composite manufacturing validation unit (MVU) for the aircraft's pressure fuselage section.

This unit will be used to validate the design concepts, manufacturing processes and quality as the program advances towards the beginning of production, scheduled for later this year.

"This is another crucial step towards the start of production of the first Learjet 85 aircraft," said Ralph Acs, Vice President, Learjet 85, Bombardier Business Aircraft. "Our next step will be to apply what we learn from this first manufacturing validation unit to the second unit, in order to confirm our technology readiness."

Source: Bombardier

Aero Featured Articles

Garmin SafeNav Guides Airport Vehicles Away From Runways
The Garmin company blog features information on SafeNav, an on-vehicle, GPS-based navigation and alert system designed to provide airport vehicle operators with information to avoid accidental runway incursions.

The SafeNav is powered by the same technology found in Garmin-equipped aircraft. Garmin's SafeTaxi maps guide operators driving on the ground to see where the runways, taxiways and buildings are at the airport.
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New Cessna RightNow Interiors Program Reduces Time On Refurbishments of Citations
Cessna has announced a program to reduce lead times required for interior refurbishments of classic Citations.

According to Cessna, the new RightNow Interiors program, Cessna's Citation Service Centers will stock pre-selected, certified interior design materials, eliminating long-lead times – typically eight to 12 weeks – traditionally necessary to order materials for interior refurbishments.
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Study Finds Head-up Guidance Technology Increases Flight Safety
The Rockwell Collins homepage reports on a study conducted by the Flight Safety Foundation on how head-up guidance system technology could have prevented or positively influenced 38 percent of all commercial aircraft accidents that occurred over the past 13 years.

"Head-up guidance systems technology is a great safety tool for the prevention of runway excursions, loss of control, and approach and landing accidents," said Bob Vandel, foundation fellow for Flight Safety Foundation. Vandel co-authored the study with Earl Weener, Ph.D. and foundation fellow. "This technology provides extremely useful data to the flight deck crew which allows them to be the pilot they always thought they were."
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Featured Plane & Destination

Featured Plane:
Cessna Skylane

Sure. You could fly a Skylane for all kinds of rational, cognitive reasons: like an exceptional blend of speed, range, safety, capability, price and cost of ownership. But why not just strap in, fire up all 230 horses and trust your gut instead? You'll soon realize why the Skylane is the four-passenger aircraft chosen by more pilots as their personal favorite aircraft than any other.

Official Cessna Website
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Featured destination:
Big Bend (TX)

The Big Bend is named for the vast curve of the Rio Grande  in remote southwest Texas. It is a wildly beautiful natural region, with a complex and fascinating history.  Over one million acres of public land including Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park offer hiking, camping, river running, horse riding, mountain bicycling, jeep touring and abundant sightseeing opportunities on paved and improved roads. Accommodations run the range from convenient and comfortable to resort luxury.

Official Big Bend Website

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Spoof sites copy the appearance of popular Web sites in order to steal an individual's personal information. Once they receive this information it may be used to commit identity theft or other crimes. Fraudsters are becoming smarter in their process of building a spoof site, so it is important to pay close attention.

Spoof sites can vary greatly. They can appear as a "third party payment protection" company, freight Carrier Company that promises free delivery, or an Auto Trader Warehouse. These are all fraudulent!

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