May 2013

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Avemco Launches Safety Education Tour with Keynote at Northwest Aviation Conference

Avemco Insurance Company Vice President, Mike Adams, will present "Flying the Pacific Northwest: Findings Revealed from Avemco® Files" at the Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show on February 23, 2013 in Puyallup, Washington.

As a leader in safety advocacy, Avemco will be launching their 2013 Safety Education Tour at the conference. The tour will include speaking, webinar, online, print, events and presentations. The focus will be to encourage all aviators to participate in relevant training, offer information compiled from claims data to help avoid accidents and provide expertise about insurance that will benefit aircraft owners and renters.

Over 12,000 pilots are expected to attend the annual Conference where Adams' presentation will focus on general claims information from accidents occurring in the Pacific Northwest including those that didn't make it to the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) files.

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Aero Featured Articles

Avinco Celebrates 10 Years as the Pre-Owned Helicopter Specialists

This year Avinco proudly celebrates its 10 year anniversary as one of the world's leading pre-owned helicopter specialists. Avinco is a 20-strong company, with operations in Monaco, Ireland and Germany, complemented by representatives worldwide. Avinco has steadily grown despite various industry upheavals.

Avinco has successfully transacted over 220 helicopters in its 10 years in business, with more than 50% on trade.

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Schweiss Doors introduction of spherical bearings is unique to the hydraulic door industry

Schweiss Doors has once again proven to be a worldwide leader in production of hydraulic and bifold doors, and is proud to announce it has made another unique design improvement to its hydraulic one-piece doors with the addition of "spherical" bearings.

All Schweiss "Red Power" Hydraulic Doors are now built with spherical bearings. These bearings are critical to the safe and smooth operation of the door. The design team at Schweiss Doors, during an extensive testing phase, found them to be the perfect answer to a stronger, longer lasting door for its customers.

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Schweiss Doors develops new "Red Power" Hydraulic Pump

Schweiss Doors, a Minnesota based company, providing quality Bifold and Hydraulic One-Piece Doors for agricultural buildings, aircraft hangars, businesses and other installations, announces they have developed a new, more powerful and smoother running hydraulic pump system which goes by the trade name of "Red Power."

Mike Schweiss, owner of the company, said since it was first introduced at various trade shows around the U.S. farmers, ranchers and pilots have been asking for it by name.

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Featured Plane & Destination

Featured Plane:
Cessna Skylane

Sure. You could fly a Skylane for all kinds of rational, cognitive reasons: like an exceptional blend of speed, range, safety, capability, price and cost of ownership. But why not just strap in, fire up all 230 horses and trust your gut instead? You'll soon realize why the Skylane is the four-passenger aircraft chosen by more pilots as their personal favorite aircraft than any other.

Official Cessna Website

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Featured destination:
Tangier Island (VA)

Where time stopped-still some twenty years ago! One visitor to Tangier Island states, "The most unbelievable sunsets you can ever imagine; no doubt, the next thing to heaven.  It is truly a great experience, getting back to the roots of your being."

No cars, no trains; the only transportation to Tangier Island is by boat or by small airplane. When you arrive, plan to leisurely stroll around the island. Rental transportation is available.

Official Tangier Island Website

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Identity theft happens when a fraudster steals key pieces of your personal financial information. This information may include your name, credit card information, home address and phone number, social security number, date of birth, etc.

Once a thief has this valuable information, he/she can use it to make purchases in your name. Since most e-commerce companies verify identity by asking for the same information the thief has stolen, the thief can fool the site's security measures. He/she can run up your debt, commit fraud, and disappear without a trace, leaving you to clean up the mess. The damage done to your credit can take years to correct.

Be aware of the different ways your personal information can be compromised. The most common way is through phisher emails, trash searching, or someone looking over your shoulder when you least expect it.

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